Can’t It End?

These past weeks have been so stressful. I know the stress I’ve been feeling is normal, but it’s all so annoying and I just want everything to end. Hopefully, happiness can come quickly! 9.13.15

Lingering Friendships

There is my ex best friend that I would love to be friends with again, but it’s like I just don’t know her anymore & it would be so difficult & I feel that a friendship isn’t worth putting in time & effort if the friendship is toxic & drains you… 8.12.15

Temper Trap

Camp was AMAZING! But I do still have my problem of always wanting to be right & being stubborn to make sure I’m right. And I know I need to control it, so I really don’t want to feel trapped. I hope I can get through this 🙂 8.7.15

Too Chicken?


Sometimes I feel like I’m too chicken to try new things & maybe I should pray about it. I guess there’s a future time & place for everything right? I hope I’ll be okay 🙂

Dazed and Confused


It’s all been so rough lately, and hopefully my church retreat this week can be good for me. The new school year brings me a lot of excitement, but the fear of the unknown really brings me down.

The Future’s Possibilites


I’m honestly really scared of all the future could offer or could let me down in. And I know it’s not good to worry so much, but it’s so hard for me not to worry about things like this. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why things don’t end up too badly. 

The M&Ms Store in the Age of Minions

Infinitely Full Of Hope

minion crucified

I visited M&Ms World in Leicester Square this Tuesday, for the first time in rather a long time, but to be honest with you I’m not sure why they bother calling it M&Ms World at all anymore. The whole thing is just Minions.

As many of you will know, I’ve thought and written quite extensively about the M&Ms store in the past. From the moment I first saw the M&Ms store, in October 2011, I was completely fascinated with it. Posing as an amusingly left-field attempt to market a hard-shelled chocolate candy, the M&Ms store in fact represented the attempt to replicate the entire world, in M&Ms form. Aside from the sweet itself, you could buy anything at all in the M&Ms store, filtered and distorted through the prism of the five M&Ms character-candies: not just food but clothing; domestic appliances; farming equipment; all of the most terrible engines…

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YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO (the most of) //Guest Blog

Sara Glancy is The Audition Rep Matchmaker

A follow up post inspired by Sara Glancy’s post

“Why It’s Time To Call Bullshit on The ‘Starving Artist’ Myth”

My name is Christopher Gabriel Núñez, I am a writer / actor / rapper and I haven’t worked a survival job in over a year.

Let’s be clear about one thing: The “starving artist” myth was invented by people with a different value system than you, if you are, in fact, an artist.

The starving artist myth was invented by the ancestors of people who spend seven hundred dollars on white noise alarm clocks at Sharper Image but would tell Itzhak Perlman to get a job if they saw him playing violin in Grand Central Station.

Fuck those people.

Recently, one of my favorite artists, EL-P, when asked by Adult Swim to talk about what it takes to make a living in the music industry, said something that…

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